G’day Mate!

Q: I always hear Australian people saying ‘G’day mate!‘ What does it mean?

A: G’day, means ‘hello‘ (short for ‘good day‘) and mate means ‘friend‘!

In Australian slang, we often use the word mate.


“Me and me mates are going away this weekend.” = “My friends and I are going away this weekend.”

Notice that the speaker says ‘me mates‘, not ‘my mates’. This is common Australian slang!


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Question: Do you know what girls often use instead of the word ‘mate’?

Put your answer in the comments!

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  1. Hi Roberta

    The word is “love”.


    If I go to a restuarant and the waitress is older than me, she may say:

    “Hello love. What can I do for you today?”

    Sometimes my students get confused by this. They ask me if the waitress loves them!

    But if you use the word this way it does not mean “I love you”. It is just a friendly way to talk to someone.

    USAGE: Usually only said by the older person to the younger person of the OPPOSITE sex. (A guy would never use ‘love’ for a guy, but they do use it to girls).

    It is used in the sentence instead of the person’s name.


    Hello love = Hello John

    What are you doing love? = What are you doing John?

    MY SUGGESTION: Don’t try to use this unless you have experience hearing someone use it naturally. It can become confusing!

  2. Ithink the word is comfusing to the same age of oposite sex.
    But not an old person talking to younger person.

    I don t know whitch word for Girls instard of mate

    please help .

    1. Hi Agnes
      Yes – that is right. Women will often say ‘love’ instead of ‘mate’. It doesn’t mean they really love you – they are just being friendly and polite!

    1. Hi Zainub – ‘love’ is used instead of the word ‘mate’ or ‘friend’

      Instead of ‘G’day’ you can say ‘hello’ or ‘hi’


      ‘G’day mate’ = ‘Hi friend’

  3. I didn’t understand the word G’ day mate until some one explain this talking to me But no problem it’s an Australian slang , To same age it’s comfusing a lot.
    But Old people it’s a polite or friendly word; I under stand this way;

    1. I’m gad it is helpful Robert!
      Yes this is only used in Australia. This lesson is really to have a bit of fun with language and also to learn a friendly greeting to use in Australia!

  4. Hi, just wondering what one could say as a response to “G’Day Mate”.. Can we just say HI ? Any other words, or slang, to reply back?

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