Cheap Shopping in Kensington!

On the weekend I went to the shop below in Kensington.

It is called ‘Peter’s of Kensington’.

It sells all kinds of things including toys, kitchen goods, suitcases, cutlery, bowls and dishes and dinner sets.

The great thing about this shop is that all the products are top quality brands, but you can buy them at discount prices! Some things were $100 cheaper or more than a regular shop! So check it out! ‘Peter’s of Kensington’ on Anzac Parade in Kensington, not far from the city!

ACTIVITY: Write a description of one of your favourite shops. Tell us:

  • What it sells
  • where it is
  • and why you like it!

Put your answer here:

Let’s buy salmon!

Today, let’s go shopping for salmon!In Australia, you can buy salmon either in a fish shop or in a supermarket.

The fish is fresh and a shop assistant will help you get the piece you want.

Let’s look at a conversation at the fish counter:

Shop assistant: Next please!

John: Can I have one piece of salmon please?

Shop Assistant: Which piece do you want?
John: This small piece at the front. (hint: point to the piece you want!)
Shop Assistant: This one?
John: No the one above it.
 Shop Assistant: Oh, this one?
John: Yes, that’s the one. Thank you!
salmon.JPG After you choose what you want the shop assistant will weigh it, wrap it up and give it to you.
 Then you take it to the check out counter to pay!
QUESTION: Do you buy the food for your house? Is it the same in your country?

Buying Salmon at the Sydney Fish Markets

To make sushi rolls, we need some fresh salmon, so today I went to the Sydney Fish Markets to buy some!


  • The Sydney Fish Markets are a great place to visit. You can walk there from the Darling Harbour in about 5 minutes!

It is a great place to buy fresh fish.

      • And a GREAT place to eat FRESH seafood!
      • For lunch I had some delicious lobster.
      • Would you like some?


They also sold fresh sushi and sashimi! It looked good, but I want to make my own.

Next time, I’ll show you what I bought!