Chocolate?? And Easter? What??

What is Easter and Why Do You Eat Chocolate at Easter?

One of my friends asks: I love chocolate!! But I don’t know “Easter“. Why is Easter a day of chocolate?

A: Good Question!!

Actually, many people do not know why we eat chocolate at Easter.

Part 1: What is Easter?

A: Easter is a special holiday that comes once a year, like Christmas.

Christmas is every December 25, but Easter does not follow the usual calendar.

Easter is alwayson the first Sunday after the full moon on or following the spring equinox.

The date for Easter changes every year, as the day of the full moon is different every year.

Sometimes it is in March and sometimes in April.

Easter is celebrated over 4 days:

  • Easter Friday
  • Easter Saturday
  • Easter Sunday
  • Easter Monday

Why 4 days?

Easter is a time when Christians remember something important that Jesus did for us all.


Jesus died on the cross on a Friday. He then remained dead on the Saturday, but rose to life again on a Sunday.

In Western Countries we celebrate God’s gift for us by:

  • Easter Friday – Eating ‘Hot Cross Buns‘. these are buns that have a cross on them.
  • Easter Sunday – Giving gifts of chocolate to people.

Many people also go to church on these days.

Many people do not go to church every week in Western countries anymore, but they will often still go to church at Easter.

So that is a simple outline of Easter!

Tomorrow: Part 2 – Why do we eat chocolate at Easter?

Question: Do you know what ‘Hot Cross Buns’ are?

Activity: What does ‘equinox’ mean? take a look in a dictionary, and let me know in the comments!


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