Recently, we looked at how to write a letter to reject a job offer. You can read that lesson here: http://www.askjohnenglish.com/business-all/how-to-refuse-a-job-offer

Today, let’s look at how to write a letter to reject someone who has applied to work in your company.

Many companies get people sending them job applications everyday.

It is important to:

  1. Thank these people for thinking of your company.
  2. Be honest with the applicant and tell them they have not been successful.

If you want to, you can also tell them why they have not been successful. They may appreciate this feedback as it will help them in their next job application. Let’s look at an example.



Bob Smith (Your name)
5 Brown Street (Your address – number and street name)
Sydney NSW 2000 (Your address – city, state, postcode)
(02) 5555-5555 (Your phone number)

2 February 2009 (Date)

Dear Mr. Bush,

Thank you  for your interest in the position of Regional Manager with ABC Inc. There were a high number of applicants for this position and unfortunately, your application was not successful.

Although your application was of a high standard, many other applicants held a Master of Business Administration degree.

Thank you again for your application.

Kind Regards.
Bob Smith (Print your full name)


Most of us have received a letter like this one at some time during our lives.


QUESTION: Have you had a letter telling you that you were unsuccessful in a job application?

What did they say? Was it helpful?

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