How to echo: Part 2

Feedback on yesterdays question:

Yesterday I gave you a quiz. How to respond when you don’t understand the question:

Q)Yo dude! Sorry to get in your face, but can you tell me where I could hang a leak?

I chose this sentence because the only ‘easy’ word is the question word: ‘where’.

When you have trouble with English, focus on what you DO UNDERSTAND. It will help you guess the rest!!

I congratulate those who had a try at the question! It is always good to take a guess! And have a try! Then we all learn something!

It is great to have such smart people out there!

So, what does the sentence mean?

It means:

Sorry to bother you, but could you tell me where the toilet is?


This sentence uses slang. I did this to make the question more difficult.

The Slang:

  1. Yo dude: Hello, or excuse me
  2. Sorry to get in your face: ‘bother someone’ or  ‘fight with someone’
  3. Hang a leak: Go to the toilet to do a wee or unrinate (look these words up in your dictionary)

I suggest you use slang carefully. Not everyone likes slang!

Hope you are having a good week!


Do you use slang? Who do you talk to that you don’t use slang with?