Learn Vocabulary and give away Free Rice!!

Free Rice!

Would you like to learn English vocabulary and help poor people around the world at the same time?

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Go to the website: Free Rice

It has vocabulary quizzes.

Every time you get a question right, they will give free rice to poor people!

How to use it:

  1. Go and get your dictionary
  2. Go to the Free Rice Website: http://www.freerice.com/index.php
  3. Use your dictionary to help you answer the questions!

It is that easy! And lot’s of fun!?

Try it today! It is great!

Australian Big Things!

Bondi Tsunami!

Have you ever seen any Australian films? Last week I saw an interesting one! Australia is famous for being a multi-cultural country and this film is definitely so! It is an Australian film, starring Japanese actors, and the whole film is in Japanese!

The film is called ‘Bondi Tsunami‘.

The film is about Japanese surfers, who come to Australia to go surfing. It shows their lifestyle and the surfing culture.

Overall, I thought the film was a bit strange and the characters were too stereotyped, but it did include some famous Australian ‘big things’, such as the Big Banana, the Big Pineapple and the Big Marino, which was interesting.

Along most of  the major highways in Australia you can see ‘big things’. Usually they are great places to stop and do some sightseeing and buy some souvenirs. Take a look at the film and you’ll see what I mean!

Question: Have you seen this film? What did you think of it? Do you think it shows how Japanese people really are?

Put your answer in the comments!

Business Tips for Speaking to New Clients

Today, let’s talk about the clothes we wear at work.

ACTIVITY: Read or listen to the article below and then watch the video.

Tell me about your country:

  • What do people usually wear for work?
  • Is it okay to wear jeans and a t-shirt to work?


Sadly most people judge us within 10 seconds of seeing of us so although it is important to know what we say sometimes, sometimes how we look speaks for us.

Dress the part of what ever is necessary for your business. For some it might be a business suit for others it may be a lab coat and for others it may be a pair of coveralls. Whatever it might be its important that your client knows you fit in for the work you must sell to them.

People often only hear and listen to about 10% of what you are saying. The rest isn’t so much on what you are saying but how your body language and tone of voice is making them feel. Wow!
Start with a sincere smile and a warm hand shake. Use a greeting that is comfortable for you “How was your flight?” , “How were my directions?” etc.

By asking open ended questions you automatically give more control to the customer making them feel more comfortable.
Speak clearly and at the same speed as your client is speaking, unless your client has an unusual speech pattern. You don’t want to mimic them if that’s the case ;).

Smile while you talk it makes a huge difference. Regardless of whether you are sitting or standing it is important to keep your shoulders back and chest out. This already shows your client that you are confident about your work.

Relax and have fun.

Meeting a new client often means a long term relationship and may even lead to friendship, who knows?

Now watch the video:

Can’t see the video? Click HERE

ACTIVITY: Tell me about your country:

  • What do people usually wear for work?
  • Is it okay to wear jeans and a t-shirt to work?

ANZAC Day – A Day To Remember

Today is ANZAC Day here in Australia.

Q: What is ANZAC DAY?

A: ANZAC means Australian and New Zealand Army Corp.

ANZAC Day is a day when all Australians and New Zealanders stop to remember the people who fought and died in war.

In particular, it is a day when the battle of Gallipoli is remembered, which took place in Turkey from 25 April 1915 to 9 January 1916, during the First World War. 98,758 people were killed in this fight. You can read more about what happened here.

This video is part of a movie about Gallipoli. It shows the first day of the war on 25 April 1915.

Can’t see the video? Click HERE.

I wish you, your family, your country and our world peace.

Business English: Talking about Projects and Plans

Today, one of my friends asks about useful language for talking about business projects.

Q: I am looking for some business conversation when talking about a new project.

A: Thank you for your question. Talking with customers and other businesses about projects is a very important part of business.

Let’s take a look at some useful language for talking about business projects.

Watch the video and then try the activity below:

Can’t see the video? Click HERE.


Write or record sentences using the following words. Your sentences could be about business or just everyday conversation:

1) time frame

2) constraint

3) deadline

How To Write And Deliver A Eulogy Speech Giving The Highest Honor To The Person You Love

Today, a guest writer shares some tips on how to write a eulogy speech.

Q: What’s a eulogy speech?

A: It’s a speech made at a funeral. It is a speech about someone who has died. Usually a eulogy speech will talk about how special someone was.

Writing a eulogy can be very difficult, not only because of the language. It is hard to write a speech if you are sad.


1) Read the article.

2) Answer the question after the article.

Here’s the article:

It’s not easy to make and deliver a funeral speech especially when the person who just passed away is someone you love, a family member, a relative or a close friend. That person may not be the best person you have known in this world but if you want to pour out your emotions and let the world know how you feel towards that person, you need to know how to make these speech for the dearly departed and get a good example of eulogies online. If you have not prepared for it, for sure, you might end up breaking down in tears and you might end up stumped and you will barely feel the earth on your feet and before you could even get to the first line, you might end up crying and that’s a real heart breaker. With a book guide, you can have your eulogy finished with ease. First of all, why don’t you dig deeper into this fact that all of the people all over the world should try to learn how to give a eulogy?

The main reason for giving a funeral speech is to give the highest possible respect for that person that everybody has already missed so much. Speaking before a swarm of people present during the funeral service will make them keep in mind and cherish those memories that they had with that missed person and it will give them a sense of peacefulness and will constantly remind everyone that life in this world is not the life that everybody should be after but rather the After Life where everyone will be coming home to one way or the other and live an everlasting Life.

Eulogy speeches can also help all people present during the service lessen the burden of their heavy and saddened hearts by recalling those memories and instead of saying goodbye to that person feeling mighty sad, they can say ‘goodbye and hope to see you again’ with a smile and a radiance of hope and a positive thinking of what life is really all about.

Writing a eulogy doesn’t only mean that you have to make it as sad as you want it to be. Do you know what can make all people in a funeral service have a light heart? Humorous speeches. You see, when you deliver some eulogy speech for someone who just died, be it a member of a family or even a pal, the people present should need to have good memories for that person and eulogy speech can help and mind you, you also need to put a little humor in your speech to let everybody remind that the person is also a jolly good one even for once in his life. So, how can you mix humor with a solemn eulogy speech? The giving of a hilarious speech is actually easier than you think. The same process is always involved: you just got to bring to mind all the fun memories you had with that person. But the organizing of thoughts and arranging them is the hardest part because as what have said earlier, you might have all the right ideas but once you are facing a crowd of mourners with a deep feeling in your heart, you might get stumped and you could even break down in tears before you even get to start speaking your first word. And to overcome this, you need a funeral speech guide that can give you an example of eulogies or two and eventually make an original one that you can call your own. You might even need to write your own original funeral poem to make it more appropriate and more solemn, poems that come straight from the heart and guide that person going to the next life- the Everlife with peace and serenity.

So, where can you find the best funeral speech guide? As always, the best source of all kinds of things these days is through Cyberspace and here, you will find the best of all eulogy speech guides which is called ‘A Eulogy To Remember’ and you can say that it’s the best for it was written by a professional public speaker and funeral presider by the name of Kevin Burch. And before you get to the part of getting a copy of yours of this book, here are the six basic steps you need and learn how to give a eulogy and they actually came from Kevin Burch. 1) Take a moment for yourself before you write that eulogy speech, 2) then, decide the kind of eulogy you want to create and it depends on the situation and the kind of person that you have already missed in death, 3) gather all the needed information, 4) bring it all together in one big idea, 5) rehearse your speech (this is the part where most people would eventually ignore and it’s the biggest mistake in preparing for a funeral speech) and 6) you finally deliver the eulogy.

QUESTION:  Imagine a friend tells you that one of their family members has died. What would you say?

Put your answer in the comments.

The song! Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns

One of my friends mentioned the song ‘Hot Cross Buns’. I haven’t thought about that song in a long time!

I used to sing it in primary school!

So here it is! A nice memory for me, and you can learn to sing it too!

Activity: Can you find a picture of real Hot Cross buns on the Internet? Put a link to one in the comments!

PRONUNCIATION: Learn the ‘Hot Cross Buns’ song.

Record yourself singing or saying the words in the comments!

Don’t be shy! Give it a try!